WATERPROOF MIAMI is a series of artists’ projects developed in direct response to the environmental issues facing South Florida        

          Co-presented by Bas Fisher Invitational (BFI) and Bridge Initiative.

Poised as the canary in the coal mine, Miami will be an example for other large coastal cities who will follow in our footprints. Will we sink or float. As environmental issues become increasingly prevalent and hypervisible, we believe the most compelling work in Miami is coming from artists addressing the climate crisis head on. According to a report released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Miami has the largest population vulnerable to sea-level rise in the Western Hemisphere, and is situated in a state where until recently, government officials had been forbidden to use the word “Climate Change” in official communication. As more and more site-specific projects address Miami’s precarious ecological position, Bas Fisher Invitational (BFI) and Bridge Initiative have formed a symbiotic partnership to illuminate these issues, advocate for change, and present an opportunity for public action through innovative, temporary public art installations around Miami.

WATERPROOF MIAMI takes BFI’s signature curatorial project, Nomadic Miami, and adapts it into an environmentally focused platform for climate advocacy through close collaboration with Bridge Initiative, which brings artists and scientists together to create informed, impactful artworks that offer opportunities for action, outreach, and engagement.


By bringing artists and scientists together, Bridge curates public art that draws attention to the impacts of climate change in unique and engaging ways. As such, artists become cultural ambassadors and environmental advocates, inspiring a new generation to take action, while strengthening their own relationship to the natural world.

BFI is an artist-run presenting organization dedicated to creativity, experimentation, and discourse in contemporary art. BFI creates a bridge between Miami and the international art world by curating programs featuring both local and global artists at sites throughout Miami-Dade County, and in collaboration with national and international partnering organizations.

Featured Project          

Coral City Camera

February 2020

The Coral City Camera is a multimedia art and research tool by Coral Morphologic. The publicly accessible 360-degree livestream is generated from the artist’s research site in Biscayne Bay, providing realtime visuals of a thriving, urban coral reef community to students, researchers, and reef-lovers globally. 

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